How can you help?

We need you!

Our Parish Plan needs input from all sectors of the community - men and women; young and old; business owners, self-employed, employed and unemployed; homeowners and those that rent. We need feedback from all ethnic and religious groups; disabled and able-bodied; motorists, cyclists and pedestrians!

Does our village cater for your needs and well-being? What improvements would you like to see and what developments would you like to encourage or discourage?

Together we can make a difference!

We have recently seen newspaper articles with residents complaining about local violence and graffiti, plans for new house building and concerns about everything from sea defences to education and traffic. And there has been some talk of action groups being set up to deal with local issues.

But we ARE your local action group... and in order to be effective we do need your involvement!

We are looking for volunteers to deliver leaflets/questionnaires, and to help organise public meetings and events.  We are also looking for ideas, suggestions and participants in the local parish steering group meetings.

And most importantly, we need everyone to complete our questionnaires in order that we can include your wants and needs in the Parish Plan!

The Parish Plan is the most important tool we have in our armoury, helping to ensure that Great Wakering becomes and even greater place to live and work, and a wonderful place for our children to grow up, and our elderly to retire.

Help us to help our whole community.

If you have the time and motivation to get involved, please let us know how you can assist. The questionnaires are being formulated right now, and will be available to complete within the next few weeks and months.  There will be a series of questionnaires, available on this website and as paper copies.  Each questionnaire will be aimed at different sectors of the community - householders, children/young adults, and local businesses.

We will be making these questionnaires available through this website, and as paper copies throughout the village as and when they become available. We will also be organising public meetings and presentations, and assistance will be given to those that wish to complete the questionnaires but are unable.

This will be our greatest opportunity to make a difference in the village. Together, let's make it work! Please contact us by clicking here!