Housing and Development

Development of New Housing

New property development plans in Great Wakering

The government have set targets for development of housing for each county within the UK for the next 10 years. It is the responsibility of each local council to decide where this housing is to be situated.

The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment has examined four sites that are currently allocated for development of new housing estates within the Rochford district: Eldon Way/Foundry Estate, Hockley; Rawreth Lane Industrial Estate, Rayleigh; Stambridge Mills; and Great Wakering (West).

In the case of all four sites, the Council believe that their redevelopment for alternatives to employment represents a more appropriate use of the land. The Council recognises, however, that additional land in more appropriate locations must be allocated for employment in order to accommodate businesses displaced from these sites. 

The target allocated to Great Wakering is 250 dwellings by 2015.

Whilst no applications have yet been made by developers, they are likely to be forthcoming very soon. As a parish targeted for development we have the right to question this decision to build so many houses in Great Wakering and to be involved in the planning consultations surrounding any planning applications.

We should be considering the following:

  • Do we have the infrastructure to deal with this level of extra housing? (transport, traffic, schools, shops)
  • How will such a development affect our community and surrounding countryside/green belt land?
  • Will this housing be provided for local residents (in particular our youngsters) or will it simply attract new residents from outside the area?
  • How much of the development will be affordable housing available for our children if they wish to remain in the village when they leave home?
  • Would the proposed site(s) better serve the community as business developments/office space by creating new employment and business opportunities?
  • Are there opportunities for negotiation with the developers? - for example, asking them to protect areas of nature in return for limited development.
  • Would these developments fit in with the character of the village?
  • Would they be part of the community or simply added on to the outer edges of the village?
  • Do we actually want Great Wakering to grow any further?

 The council have been looking at the following sites:

  • Star Lane (ex-brickworks - currently the first planned development, but not the last)
  • The strip of farmland South of the High Street, between Star Lane and Exhibition Lane
  • The stip of farmland behind Alexandra Road (which has been unused for 30 years and has long since returned to nature with numerous protected species of reptiles and plants having been reported there)
  • The farm land between Little Wakering road and the "temporary" tip road.
  • The farm land South of Star Lane Brickworks up to Pointers Lane.
  • The farm land diagonally opposite Cupid's Corner and behind Goldsworth Drive.

The Council have indicated that any development in Wakering should also include:

  • Local highway capacity and infrastructure improvements
  • Public transport infrastructure improvements and service enhancements
  • Link and enhancements to local pedestrian / cycling and bridleway network
  • Local highway improvements
  • Public transport enhancements
  • Sustainable drainage systems
  • Public open space
  • Play space
  • Youth facilities and community facilities

However judging by past records these improvements are not always forthcoming and any benefits, such as play spaces/public open spaces, might only serve the new estates. 


Useful Information

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