The Great Wakering Parish Plan

This website has been developed to help us work with the residents of Great Wakering with a view to producing a Parish Plan.

I am delighted to report after over 3 years hard work the completion and presentation of the Great Wakering Parish Plan and Action Plan has reached completion and publication. Click here for the Parish Plan and click here for the Action Plan.

A big thank you to those who completed the questionnaires. This is your plan.

After 6 leaflet drops, over 10% of the households in Great Wakering have completed the questionnaires either online or the paper version. Besides the actual questions people have taken the trouble to write sufficient comments to fill a total of 114 A4 pages – which shows how important they consider the village and its environment to be. Because of the sheer weight of comments and in order to produce a manageable size published document we will, where comments are repeated by several people, only included one comment in the document although the weight of the comments will be reflected in the Parish Plan. All comments will be included on the website.

One of the things emerging from the Parish Plan is there is a need for information such as:

How do you apply for an allotment?

How do you find out if you are in a flood risk area?

How do you sign up for flood alerts?

How to report a pothole in Pavements or roads?

What the Parish Council do

How to get a footpath map.

How to register with the Police Essex Community Messaging to be informed of crime in your area and up to date community safety information.

How to report excessive outgrowth which is obstructing views of traffic or blocking the footway.

Plus news such as :

Update on Great Wakering Household Waste Collection in the Recreation Ground

Free Exhibition opportunity at Rayleigh Windmill


We are constantly adding to the information already held on the website under Further Information and Useful Information/links on the vertical menu and News and Events on the horizontal menu.

The data will shortly be passed to our chosen marketing company for production of the final document. This will be distributed to involved organisations and presented to the village. It will also be available on our web site.

The steering committee have been working on the production of the Parish Action Plan which will put the findings of the questionnaires into the required action by passing copies to those organisations responsible for the various problems involved.

The Parish Plan is a living document and if you did not complete the questionnaire this time don’t worry, you will have the opportunity, in the future to participate when we put topics under the searchlight again.



The prize draw for completed questionnaires was held at the St Nicholas Church Fete on Staurday 18th May 2013 and the winners are as follows:

First Prize: Questionnaire 30 - Amy, 92 Conway Avenue.  

Second Prize: Questionnaire 147 - Riley, 143 Alexandra Road.

Third Prize: Ticket 16 - Pam Bridge, 73, New Road.

Congratulations to the winners!  Sincere thanks to everyone who has taken part in the questionnaires. The draw included everyone who has taken part so far (both online and paper questionnaires).


Why do we need a Parish Plan?

A Parish Plan is a good way to set out what people think about the area they live in - what's good, what's bad and what needs to be changed to make it great place to live. Creating a Parish Plan is a step towards making sure that your community is one where everyone enjoys a good quality of life - and that you and your children will continue to enjoy into the future.  

A Parish Plan provides a structure that will:

  • Reflect the views of all sections of the community
  • Identify features and local characteristics that people value
  • Identify local needs and opportunities
  • Set out a vision of how people want their community to develop and improve both in the present and the future
  • Include an action plan to achieve this vision

A Parish Plan will be owned by local people and set out aspirations which can be delivered by the community itself, as well as by public, private and voluntary sector agencies.

A Parish Plan is the community setting out what they want for their area to make sure that people living and working there can enjoy a good quality of life - now and in the future!