Wakering Young People’s Community Project




Wakering Young People’s Community Project is a registered charity that actively seeks funding to support its projects. Registered Charity no. 1135058


Facts and figures


It is run with a Steering Committee of 5


14 staff;  session leaders, session workers, volunteers

Three sessions are run a week


Kids Klub with  298 registered ( monitored monthly)

Self funding


Teen Café with 154 at September 2013 (monitored 6 monthly)

Funded by Family Innovation Fund


13+ with 45 registered ( monitored monthly)

Funded by the Youth Strategy Group


WYPCP also offers holiday sessions during half term and main school holidays.

Funded from April 13 – April 14 by Essex Police.


In one week we offer 14 hours of activities out of school hours for children and young people

Age range from 4 – 17


Average  attendance;

 Kids Klub - 35

 Teen Café - 27

 13+ - 15


If you put that altogether WYPCP see an average of over 200 young people between the ages of 4 and 17 each week.


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