Weather Watch - Tidal Surges Update




As we approach the spring equinox (equal hours of daylight and darkness) we can also expect spring tides to bring very high tides which depending on other factors such as direction and wind speed could cause coastal flood issues.

As I write this weekend the wind is forecast to blow strongly from the north east which is likely to increase tidal heights appreciably.

Checking the published tide tables for 2015 it can be seen on several occasions the forecast tidal heights are expected to reach 6.4 meters above chart datum on the Southend tidal gauge. The first is on the 23rd of March. Although I have been reading local tide tables for many years I have never seen tides of this height routinely forecast.

These very high tides appear to be as a result of global warming causing increased tidal height.

DEFRA (Department of the environment, Food and rural affairs) in 1990 published tables indicating the likely increase in tidal height for the foreseeable future. This shows considerable increases which may impact on coastal flooding concerns.

Best Regards,

Laurie Street,

13th March 2015.

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